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We set out to build automated, secure and fit for purpose solutions to cover your home and business needs.

Industrial & Domestic Electrical Installation
Home Automation Systems
Remote Monitoring & access control systems
Renewable Energy Installation
Building Managment Systems
Fire Detection & Suppression Systems


Nsansa Commercial Building Electrical Installation

We were contracted by our client in Nsansa to carry out electrical installation of his residential building, install remote access CCTV serviellence system, one automatic slidding gate system, electric fence and razor wire security system.

Zirobwe Solar Power and Water system installation

We were contracted by our client who was setting up an eco-friendly demostration farm in Zirobwe, Luwero district to setup a 500kW solar power system to power the entire firm for up to three days of autonomy and also install a 300L solor water heater. We also installed a remote monitoring CCTV system powered by solar and video feed accessible to the client on his phone via our remote monitoring app.

Najanankumbi Commercial Building Electrical Installation

We were contracted by our client in Najanankumbi to carry out electrical installation of there commercial residential building, install remote access CCTV serviellence system with upto 8hours of standby power supply, two automatic slidding gate system, electric fence and razor wire security system.

Point of Sale System for Fuel Stations

Our client owns a chain of fuel stations in Uganda. They were interested in adding cashless mobile payments for their clients. We developed for them a system that combines USSD technology combine with custom POS software to enable them collect and aggregate their payments for all their stations, both in major cities and rural areas with limited connectivity.

Fuel Tracking for Telecom Base Stations

In the tecommunications industry, uptime is of the utmost importance and is critically tied to revenue. Our client is in charge of ensuring uptime of telecom base stations by constantly monitoring their power status and keeping the diesel engine generators fueled. These generators act as backup and sometimes could even fuel stations for extended periods of time. We were contracted to build a web-based system to track and log fuel usage, generate detailed reports and detect and/or hinder anomalies in fuel levels, human or otherwise.

DataCenter Environment Monitoring

Our client runs on-premise datacenters for their mission critical business. For their business needs, 100% uptime is a must. We are currently working with them to develop a two fold system that i) monitors in real time the environment of the datacenter (power status, backup system levels and health, temperature, etc) and ii) can reduce the energy consumed by the always on datacenter equipment. Our system will allow prompt notification of stakeholders on changes in the environment of the datacenter and enable them to pre-emptively correct (remotely via our web and mobile interface) any impending failure causes. The energy saved from efficiently running the datacenter (e.g. with innovations around cooling) translates directly into reduced operating costs and can impact profitability.

The Leadership Team

Eng. Marvin Ssali
Technical Lead

Marvin is an electronics and telecommunications expert with over 7 years’ of experience and expertise in electronics and automation systems. He has a lot of experience in various sectors such as programming and automation, power and electronics engineering, networking, computer aided graphics design, advertising and agricultural automation solutions. Marvin has co-founded four companies.   Marvin holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Telecommunication Engineering at Makerere University, Uganda

Eng. James Onyango
Head, Product Development

James is an Electrical & Software Engineer with over 8 years’ experience building both hardware and software systems. His experience spans projects across Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Malawi, South Africa, Brazil and the United States including point of sale solutions for fuel stations, academic records management systems, health management systems and software application development. James has co-founded three companies.   James holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical Engineering at Makerere University, Uganda, and various IEEE certifications.

JohnMary Ssenyonga
Head, Sales and Marketing

Johnmary has extensive marketing experience in domains such as alcoholic beverages, non-alcoholic beverages, animal feeds and alternative fodder technology. He has co-founded two companies.   Johnmary is currently pursuing an MBA at Makerere University as well as Professional Marketing Certification with the Chartered Institute of Marketing (UK). His undergraduate degree was Bachelor of Commerce (marketing concentration).